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Jaret Larson-Using shadows for even light distribution

Jaret Larson | September 20, 2017

Using shadows for even light distribution

In our lesson today we will be referring to down-lighting, however these techniques can apply to most lighting methods...

The secret to great down-lighting is to get the pools of light from your down-lighting fixtures to join seamlessly when illuminated. You can use your shadow to test this by simply walking through the illuminated area and studying the way the shadows appear and disappear as you move between the points of light.

If your shadow quickly dips and then reappears as you move across the area you know that there is a “black spot” between the two down-lights. If, on the other hand, you can see two shadows almost on top of each other then two spotlight beams are overlapping by far too much and should be eased apart. We encourage you to try this on your next down-light job.


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